Construcion Litigation

Construction Litigation

Construction mediation is one of the most complex areas of law there is.
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Personal Injury

Experiencing an injury through no fault of your own is a scary and frustrating experience.
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Commercial Disputes

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Construction Mediation

Mediation can be one of the most efficient and effective tools for resolving a legal dispute. It can be especially beneficial in construction disputes.

Construction Dispute Mediator in Miami, Florida

Mediation is one of the most effective ways to resolve construction disputes. It helps you avoid the expense and frustration of a long, drawn-out trial. In fact, all judges order both parties to try to resolve their dispute through mediation before permitting a construction dispute to move to trial. Parties are not required to come to a resolution in mediation, but they are required to try to do so.

To discuss your construction dispute options with a Miami, Florida construction mediator, call 305-448-7988 for a free consultation.

Mediation works well in construction disputes for several reasons.

First, utilizes the services of a neutral third-party (the mediator) to help guide the negotiation between the disputing parties. Mediators listen to each party’s argument and then help them explore the pros and cons of various resolutions. This provides flexibility and gives those most affected by the outcome control of how the situation plays out.

Mediation also helps to protect valuable business relationships. Disputes in the construction industry can be expensive and create a great deal of damage. In most cases, it will be in everyone’s best interests to try to resolve complex construction disputes as early as possible before more damage is done.

Neil Robertson’s goal is to help protect mutually beneficial relationships and resolve construction disputes as efficiently as possible.

Common Types of Construction Disputes in Miami, Florida

Construction disputes tend to be incredibly complex. They mightinvolve many parties, including business owners, contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, architects, designers, engineers, sureties, insurers, manufacturers, suppliers, lenders, consultants, accountants, etc. All of these people have a stake in the outcome of the dispute and they will likely affect how the resolution unfolds.

In most cases, construction disputes fall into one of the following categories:

  • Project Delays: Delays threaten revenue, deadlines, and overhead. They can create lost productivity, which affect both owners and employees, contractors, and subcontractors.
  • Problems with the Quality of Work: Claims related to the quality of labor or materials arise when contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers fail to meet certain standards of quality. This might include published design standards, industry standards, or performance standards.
  • Nonpayment: Claims related to nonpayment (unpaid labor and/or materials) are one of the most common sources of problems in the construction industry. These are especially difficult to resolve without the support of a neutral third party.
  • Liens and Bonds: Lien perfection and bond claim requirements tend to be complex. Not to mention the laws governing them are unique to each state. Notice requirements are incredibly strict and filing deadlines tend to be unforgiving.

Let Neil Robertson Help

Neil Robertson is a construction mediator in Miami, Florida. His years of experience in the legal industry and working with construction clients make him a valuable resource for resolving your dispute. If you would like to schedule a time to discuss the benefits of construction mediation for your situation or you have questions, contact Neil at 305-448-7988 or email him at