Construcion Litigation

Construction Litigation

Construction mediation is one of the most complex areas of law there is.
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Personal Injury

Experiencing an injury through no fault of your own is a scary and frustrating experience.
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Commercial Disputes

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Miami FL Construction Mediator

Knowledgeable Miami FL Construction Mediator Provides Effective Legal Solutions

Construction projects are often complex, require substantial investment and involve multiple parties, which makes them ripe for potential disputes. However, when a construction dispute arises, the project may become derailed, unnecessary delays may arise and conflict between parties may develop. Rather than subjecting yourself to the expensive and time-consuming process of litigation, you can trust your construction dispute to an experienced and knowledgeable Miami FL construction mediator like Neil Robertson, the founder of Robertson Mediation.

Mr. Robertson’s extensive background as a mediator and litigator uniquely equips him to help resolve conflicts involved in the construction process. Contact Robertson Mediation to help resolve your construction dispute.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation provides many significant benefits to parties involved in a legal dispute. Among these are:

  • Cost savings – Litigation is an expensive process. In addition to the filing costs and attorney fees, you may also incur additional expenses due to discovery costs, loss of productivity and expert witness fees. Mediation can resolve a dispute early in the process before many of these costs are incurred.
  • Time savings – Time is money, especially in the construction industry. When a resolve stalls construction, everyone loses. Mediation can be scheduled well before any court case would typically be heard.
  • Conflict resolution – Litigation is primarily concerned with how to address problems that have already occurred while mediation is more forward thinking. Through mediation, many parties are able to resolve the conflict that has arisen and maintain the contract and professional relationship between the parties.
  • More creative outcomes – The most common remedy in a construction dispute that is litigated is the award or denial of money damages. In mediation, the parties can make other agreements. They are not limited in the same way that they would be if they asked the court to resolve the legal matter.
  • More control over the outcome – When the parties engage in mediation, they retain the right to resolve their case in the way they see fit instead of handing this power over to a judge or jury.

Contact Robertson Mediation to learn about many of the other benefits of mediation.

Legal Issues that Can Be Resolved through Mediation

Many common legal issues involved in the construction process can effectively be resolved through mediation, including claims involving:

  • Breach of contract
  • Construction defects
  • Premises liability
  • Products liability
  • Employment issues
  • Issues with subcontractors and other third parties
  • Delay claims
  • Change order disputes
  • Billing disputes

As long as all parties involved in the dispute agree to mediation, this process can be an efficient and cost-effective way to resolve various disputes.

Contact an Experienced Miami FL Construction Mediator for Help with Your Case
If you would like assistance with your construction dispute, Robertson Mediation can help. Our Miami FL construction mediator will work closely with you and the other party in an effort to amicably resolve your dispute in a way that meets your interests and provides a favorable outcome. To schedule your mediation, call us at 305-448-7988 or contact us online.